Smt. Anita Goswami(Principal)

Smt. Anita Goswami            (Principal)

Principal Desk

I remember a line of late Neil Armstrong when he landed on the moon in 1969, “small step of a man but a giant leap of mankind”. When a person or group of persons start a mission with a moto to do something for the society one can compare their efforts with a small step. With the passage of time the intial efforts added to regular devotion and zeal to attain a height bring results sometime beyond foresight of a common individual. I also find Sankat Mochan Public School first step towards dream of a well established educational institution which the management and teacher will attain in near future.

The school has very good infrastructure of building, furniture and teaching aids. The management committee, with the help of experienced academicians, succeeded in selecting good and trained teacher who are laborious and devoted to the institusion. I have found teachers are very punctual in checking homework and class work of students. We have built an atmosphere where students do not hesitate in asking question or raising their problems to the teachers.

The management is also very alert and sensitive towards any difficulty of students or teachers. With completion of about one year as principal I found the boys and girls have reasonably good level of general awareness. In addition to their class work and studies they show keen interest in other activities also. They showed their talent in a number of programs on the accasion of Independence Day, 2012.

Lostly, I would like to say that our school is stepping towards a bright future.

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